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Hi everyone!

One of the benefits of collaborating with Bobby Roast Beef on all things Jigs & Bigs is that we try to “fill in the blanks” for fisherman in our home of western Massachusetts. Whether it’s tips and techniques, tournament info, or insane fishing stories, there’s a lot we can talk about to keep you listeners informed.

But I feel there is a serious “blank” that needs to be filled.

For as long as I can remember, I cannot recall being provided any sort of weekly fishing report focused solely on this side of the state. There are numerous websites and publications that do a fantastic job covering saltwater and freshwater fishing on the coast and extending inland about as far as Wachusett Reservoir. Sometimes touching on warm-weather Quabbin Reservoir and Connecticut River angling, and occasionally covering ice-fishing in the Berkshires.

Living out here, we know that the freshwater action doesn’t cease as soon as the Stripers and Bluefish arrive on their northern migration up the coast, only to magically pick back up as soon as solid ice forms. There are a limitless opportunities to fish for nearly every gamefish from ice-out to December to the west of Worcester.

And I’d like to tell you about them.

Starting on Tuesday, July 2nd, in collaboration with numerous bait & tackle shops in from the middle of Massachusetts to the New York border, I’ll be posting a weekly Western Mass-focused fishing report. I’ll also be adding in some of my personal fishing experiences.

My hope is that this report will take your fishing adventures in new directions, whether it be a new water or technique, out here in the wild, wild west. Throughout all my travels and fishing around the country, I’ve always held a special place in my heart for the waters I’ve fished and the finny friends I’ve made out here, and it would be selfish not to share that with others.

So, please keep reading, and we’ll take a good look at what’s biting out here in the birthplace of basketball, volleyball, and Dr. Suess.

I’m looking very forward to being your guide.


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