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Chronic Trips Tourney Records

Hello everyone! This post is long overdue. During one of the podcast episodes, I promised that I would get a list of the records for the Chronic Trips Elevated Virtual tournaments. We've got 3 under our belts now, with the 4th in progress. (Join in now, by the way, as the field is still wide open. Search CHRONIC in the FishDonkey app.)

One of my priorities as tourney director is to ensure that we maintain a high level of transparency, and with prizes being awarded for breaking records, it's important that all contestants have access to this info. I will always be checking to make sure that if a record is broken, the new recordholder is properly recognized and awarded their prize, but I know that being able to check if a big fish tops a mark as soon as it's caught is a rush for an angler. Please bookmark this post as a reference or save a screenshot for times you don't have a signal. We on the Chronic Trips Team want to see these records fall, as that will tell us that we've got folks out there fishing! Thanks to all of you that have participated this year, and I hope to see you participate again! -StF

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