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Hello to all anglers out there! If you're new to the site or the podcast, my name is Shawn. And I'm a fisherman. On the podcast, Bobby Roast Beef gives me a couple minutes every week to pass along a story or two from my 30+ years of fishing from banks, boats, and yaks all over the beautiful U.S. of A. On this blog, I'm planning on spreading as much info as I can to help you all become more educated anglers. While there may be a bit more Western Mass info than not (Forgive my bias, I love where I live!), I'll be making sure to include tips on kayak fishing, competitive fishing, ice fishing, and any other relevant topics I can think of. Please keep an eye on the info I'll be sharing here in the near future, thanks for reading and listening, and stay tuned, we have some great things in store! -StF

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