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It needed to happen...

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

I knew full well that it was only a matter of time before I was going to need to create a spot on the world wide web for Jigs & Bigs. This podcast has been growing at a rate that I NEVER could have predicted a couple months ago when I started it. What began as a little project to allow a little distraction during the emotional roller coaster of the Covid-19 pandemic, has really grown to become an all encompassing passion passion project that's going to continue full force. What I've learned in the last few months has allowed for more growth as both an angler, and as a podcaster. I've also come to learn that the fishing community as a whole is an amazing, diverse, group of people with a common interest that's essentially rooted in celebrating nature, and bringing people together. It's awesome!

So, now that we're at least a touch more professional looking on the web, and the show's following has been growing at an astonishing rate, I'm really excited to see where this is all going to go as the months turn into years, and so on. As for blog posts, you can expect some follow up and commentary on things that are talked about on the show. I'll be writing posts myself, but will also invite Shawn to jump in with some content too. Plus, I'll be having guest writers providing additional content, some will be a follow up from sources that may be more of an expert in a specific area or subject. Ultimately this is all for you the listener/reader/J&B Fam to get the most out of the content that is being created and distributed here.

Until our next post, thanks for being a part of this and TIGHT LINES!

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