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The Hosts

There are a couple voices that you will always hear from on Jigs & Bigs, and that's the voices of our hosts Bobby Roast Beef, and Shawn the Fisherman. Here's a little bit about these two lunatic anglers!


Bobby Roast Beef

Bobby has been fishing since he was a child and working in Broadcast Media and Podcasting for decades. It was only a matter of time before these two roads converged, and that meeting point was the beginning of Jigs & Bigs! As a Professional Event Host and Entertainer, the Covid 19 Pandemic found Bobby and his business at a complete standstill. So, why not go fishing! With that Bobby decided to occupy his abundance of time and battling the depression brought on by this new stress by investing in his favorite pastime using his skills acquired in previous years. After a little brainstorming , we find ourselves here at this point. Bobby's role in the show is the host, producer and facilitator of interviews with guests. He's also the guy that handles editing and all production.

Bobby, a lifelong New Englander is primarily a bank angler, although he enjoys kayak fishing as well, and will never turn down an invite to tag along on your boat!

Shawn the Fisherman

shawn fish.jpg

Shawn met Bobby Roast Beef while working together at a now defunct regional appliance and electronics store during the mid-90s at the end of their high school days. The two shared passion for pop culture, the purest of pure audio sound, and prog-metal bands of the day. Shawn was already an obsessed bass fisherman by that point but had much to learn. Fast forward to somewhere around 2014,
and Bobby Roast Beef had also entered the bass fishing game. A few instant messages later, and their particular brand of insanity was reignited. 6 years later, during the Pandemic of 2020, Shawn was happy to join the new Jigs & Bigs podcast team, sharing his experiences (of all types) compiled during 30 years of recreational and competitive fishing in all types of water from all types of vessels across the U.S.

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